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We needed to know, but know what?

How do you follow up on maker news or your favorite maker?

We took a poll on twitter @makerweekly to find out and suggest a few on how we do it and how you can as well 👇

What’s your favorite way to stay in the loop on the maker movement?

Follow people on twitter - 68% 💖

Join communities - 21% 👀

Read posts - 11% 🤔

Other (reply)? - 0% 😳

See it on Twitter

You can start off also by checking out maker todo lists

WIP - @wip @marckohlbrugge

Makerlog - @wip @matteing

Product Hunt Makers - @ProductHunt

Some more awesome ways to stay in the loop

For the Twitter people…

Try the newly launched Twiverse twiverse - @twiverse_ @tcodinat

Another tool to find tons of makers is…

Follow Friday - @GuillaumeBardet

For the Telegram types:

Solo Founders

Or for a friendly early-maker Telegram community:

Beginning Creators - @GuillaumeBardet

For the more Slack-community types:

there’s Maker Kitchen - by @its_dinuka, @kevinshehan, @denz404

Find many more and add yours Link 👍

To stay upto date, get indepth analysis MakerWeekly is where you have to be and keep following

See the original thread