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It’s possible 2 or 3 people you know own a job board

Why are there so many job boards?

  • Are old-style generic job boards out of fashion?
  • Do they not meet the modern day requirements?
  • Were they not niche enough?

People want to get jobs relevant to them in one place, not having to look everywhere before finding a fit.

Here’s a list of some of the best job boards by your favorite makers so far

First off, getting a remote job made easy

🏖️ Remote OK - Remote Jobs by @levelsio

Looking for jobs in startups?

🚀 StartupJobs - Get startup jobs by @marckohlbrugge

Oh wait you want contract only jobs :)

💸 Wellpaid - Contract-only jobs board, with remote jobs & rate trends by @chrisvxd

Growth and Marketing is something we all need and do

🌱 GrowthJobsList - Find Growth and Marketing jobs at startups & tech companies. by @ramoncacho

Sports fan are not left out, you could be the next super coach

⛹️‍♀️ sportekjobs - Sportekjobs is the job board for the sports industry. by @toomaime

It’s a crypto age and jobs in that sector is rapidly growing

🔐 Crypto Job List - #1 site to find and post blockchain and crypto jobs! by @ksaitor

Awesome teachers are hard to find these days but i bet you are one

👩‍🏫 Teacher Jobs - Job board for teaching and eduction jobs by @toomaime

The cannabis industry is a sector that’s been coming to life more and more

🌿 Inweed - Find a job in the Cannabis Industry by @sarah__jackson

🛫 You just starting out? Here something for you

Find Entry level Jobs & Internship by @keyul

Living Wage Interns - Find internships paying the real Living Wage by @petecodes

Community managers are essential to growth, some companies depend on them and they looking for someone like you

👯 Community Manager Jobs by @rafyasarmatta

Tech Enthusiasts

👩‍💻 Joblist - A Job Board for Tech Enthusiasts. by @_feloidea, @arminulrich

For Dev jobs

👩‍💻 Remote Jobs for Developers, Designers, Writers, Marketing & more by @dzumax

⌨️ DevSnap - All developer jobs in one place by @kunnendavid

🖱 42jobs with their specialised job board @42jobs_react @42jobs_android @42jobs_laravel @42jobs_rails

You can also find a job in Tech here:

👨🏼‍💻 Diversify Tech by @venikunche

If we’ve missed any, feel free to let us know on Twitter @makerweekly