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Indie products with a privacy-first approach are making a splash.

Makers and bootstrappers have an edge in this space: they’re bound to their customers and their users only.

🙅 No VC 💸 , small/no investors.

What large tech is doing to privacy

Large tech companies are profiling users in order to either:

  • 💸 Sell to them more effectively
  • 💰 Sell (services) to third-parties who are interested in that data

Something has to give, your privacy has to have value if companies are spending so much to breach it?

Things are starting to change, all people aren’t happy with the status quo.

Challengers to the Google Analytics hegemony

Tackling the Google-opoly in analytics, see:

Simple Analytics and Fathom both had super strong launches on ProductHunt (both launching on the same day) as well as HackerNews and Reddit

Here’s @adriaanvrossum’s recap of the launch:

This shows that something might be changing with developers

We’ve got tools in different categories able to displace larger players by respecting privacy.

eg. runs on

More products taking flight on the privacy-first scene

Ads that don’t send your data to Google

Another place it makes sense not to feed the data straight to the advertiser is browsers where there are a couple of players

There’s also the original privacy-first company: @duckduckgo

🔎 Their search product is what they’re best known for:

Products are now being branded as privacy-first eg. @pierregillesl’s Gladys Gateway

Or Leave Me Alone - a product that will “Take back control of your inbox by telling subscription spammers to leave you alone!”

Here’s a write-up of why that might be:

➡️ So I created the Gladys Gateway

It’s a web UI and a backend accessible from the internet, that routes Gladys commands to your house.

🔐 But as Gladys is a privacy-first product, all this product is end-to-end encrypted

— Pierre-Gilles Leymarie ✈️ (@pierregillesl) November 12, 2018

Want more privacy-first products?

Privacy First Products list by @AdriaanvRossum

🚂 to join the no-Google bandwagon, here’s a list by @levelsio

Let us know what you think of your user’s privacy vs ease of use/feature set

Is the depth of data Google collects worth the risk to your users?

Does it ever bother you how much Google et al. know about you?

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