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No serious, you can productize your services.

What does productizing a service mean?

It’s a way to take what normally would be a one-to-one client service, such as web design, writing and SEO, and packaging them into a more packaged service.


Productizing a service is relatively new, in fact it’s one of the easiest way to start a product or MVP.

Makers and non-makers alike can easily launch their products now on per. You don’t need to have all the technical skill to be a maker. You are a writer? You can start

“Writing” as a service. There, a new product just launched.

@Vinrob gives his experience and some of the examples of services you can productize.


Examples of more and more productized products

  1. Startup as a service, makerpad.co/ by @bentossell
  2. Design as a service, manypixels.co by @Vinrob
  3. DIY as a service, lawvolcano.com by @lawvolcano

Here’s another fun one that was making the rounds the other week

“Boss as a Service”


Some more ideas

There are also other things you can and have been productized.

  1. Talking as a service
  2. Chatting as a service
  3. Running errands as a service
  4. Ranting as a service

Well you get the idea.

Reply in the thread with the type of service you think you can productize: https://twitter.com/makerweekly/status/1067349547351986176

Community contribution

Naming, ever the important issue for indie makers


9:47 AM - Nov 27, 2018

Data collection… For a fee


Web crawling / data mining as a service - important.agency

9:54 AM - Nov 27, 2018

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