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A great one to get people off their couch and onto @shipstreams is the “24 hour startup” challenge

It’s an idea from @thepatwalls following the success of his two 24-hour projects: “You don’t need WordPress” and “Clout Report”.

There are 300+ 😳 people who are already signed up.

The first event is this weekend 17 November 2018

You can see the latest participant list at: 24hrstartup

The Awakening!!

It’s also doing well on Twitter, you can find all the tweets that contain the “24hrstartup” here


There’s many ideas floating around in public for example.

For more information see the site or the official Telegram group

As an effect of the success this challenge is having, we’ve once again seen people come out and speak against the use of “startup” for something built in a short time span

Here’s what we have to say to them

From @ericnmurphy at 😜

One more thing

We’ve even got a meme for it

From @anglesverse at 🔥

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