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After a successful online hackathon last year with over 4,000 makers taking apart all across the globe. πŸ”₯πŸš€. This year @ProductHunt decide it will be called Maker Festival.

Making it Maker Festival was to encourage all types of makers, creators and tinkerers to participate and launch a project. Thanks to @Abadesi @rrhoover and the rest of the ProductHunt team.

The event took place over the thanksgiving week with makers building awesome products in select categories.

This year had 6 themes:

  • Voice & Audio
  • Health & Beauty
  • Inclusion
  • Brain Stuff
  • Remote Workers
  • Social Impact

After another successful maker event, the winners were announced on Dec 3. The winners were shortlisted to 7 and I’m sure it must have been a tough decision with all the amazing products launched.

YOU SHIPPED!!, I reckon you are a winner as well now. πŸ™ŒπŸ½

Here are the shortlisted winners and the runners up from all 6 themes.

Social Impact πŸ‘Š


Cultural Fit - a collaborative list of cultural traits that make you love your workplace: producthunt.com/upcoming/cultural-fit by @kossnocorp

Runners Up

Firebusters - a tool that automatically reports fires to pinpoint its exact location: producthunt.com/upcoming/firebusters by @pmm621

The Incredible League of Makers - a community for people to build and launch things that solve the real world problems: producthunt.com/upcoming/the-incredible-league-of-makers by @jp_aulet

Voice & Audio πŸ—£


What would you choose - an Alexa Skill for the Makers Festival: producthunt.com/upcoming/what-would-you-choose-alexa-skill by @Pranay_Bhardwaj

Runners Up

Health & Beauty πŸ’…


Lab Lyfe - an app that offers guided self-experiments in diet, wellness and lifestyle: lablyfe.com

Runners Up

Inclusion 🌎


Femake - Provides lots and lots of data on female makers: femake.tech by @stephsmithio

Runners Up

Brain Stuff 🧠


Teeny Breaks - a Chrome extension showing you one mindfulness tip based on science every time you open a new tab: producthunt.com/upcoming/teeny-breaks by @anthilemoon

Runners Up

Remote Workers πŸ’»


Yelling Across Cubicles - like walkie-talkie for remote teams: producthunt.com/upcoming/yac-yelling-across-cubicles by @itsthisjustin

Runners Up

Other πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ


200 Words a Day - wants to help anyone be a writer, 200 words at a time: producthunt.com/upcoming/200-words-a-day by @basilesamel

Runners Up

Lots of awesome products. To see a full list you can check it out here: producthunt.com/makers-festival-2018

If you are like us and really curious and want to get more information you can check these out.

Remember you were a winner too, Keep Shipping!!!

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